Here in The Cre8tive Flow, you will find
a cornucopia of products and services
inspired by the creative process:

Gifts that Honor The Earth and The Self
One-of-a-kind Jewelry
Unique Journals, Books, and Cards

Services that Honor Self-Expression
Creative Writing
Playshops to Explore
YOUR Creativity
Group Facilitation
What is the creative flow?

Creativity can occur in any circumstance or endeavor.  And any time you find yourself thinking, "I was so
absorbed that the time just flew by" or "Where did the time go?", you were likely "in the flow".   There's a
sense of timelessness and ease that happens when one's attention is totally absorbed in something.  
Creativity can happen when one is gardening, cooking, solving a problem, rearranging furniture, beginning
a new enterprise, creating art, deciding on an outfit, writing, designing a home... well, really,
Indulge Yourself.
Invent Your Life.
Insure Your Joy.
The Cre8tive Flow
Welcome to The Cre8tive Flow!
Creativity has a ripple effect:  when you are creative in one area, it flows into other areas of your life... as
well as to other people.  Come on in, the water's fine!

Here at
The Cre8tive Flow, you will find handmade one-of-a-kind artwork honoring the Earth and the
Self.   I hope you will find something that speaks to you here.  Whether it's with a
necklace that honors a
sacred site in England, an aspect of Nature, or the beauty of semi-precious stones; or through a
that honors Nature or revitalizes an exquisite old book cover; or with
fiberwork that combines textures,
patterns, and colors in a unique way, I have cherished diving into the creative depths to find my own

Writing is a skill I love to exercise!  Whether it is a creative narrative, a feature story, or an informational
piece, I enjoy working with words to inform and inspire.  I am also an experience editor and proof reader.  
On my writing page, you can learn more about my abilities as well as my availability if you need assistance
in organizing your idea into the written word.

On this site, also, you will find
playshops (we're not working, so why call them workshops?) that I have
designed which offer a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can play and find your
own special
form of creative self-expression.  You can also check out my blog
The Cre8tive Flow  to find out when
and where I am offering these experiential playshops.  

I also offer
group facilitation to guide organizations, groups, etc. in exploring options and possibilities. I
delight in watching the facilitation process and how it serves people in finding common ground and
consensus!  See my facilitation page to learn more about my experience offering this service.

Thank you for visiting my website.  Please let me know if I can serve you in finding
your Cre8tive Flow!

All rights reserved.
The mission of The Cre8tive Flow is two-fold:  to pursue my own passions for creating,
and to encourage others to comfortably and self-confidently express themselves and their uniqueness.
 I aspire to provide high quality services and products that honor and respect the integrity of each
individual and which offer opportunity for sincere connection within oneself and/or with others.